A Few Software Tips

The contents:

Which are the advantages of Windows 98?
About the swap files and RAM.
About the disk cache.
About temporary files (1).
About temporary files (2).
About file types - show only some of them!
Use the desktop for favorite Internet addresses.
Permanent folder for download in Internet Explorer.
Choose a start page.
Color changes in menus - a option in Windows 98.
Replace opening screen in Windows.
Upper case letters in folder names.
Single click in Explorer - smart idea.
TWEAK UI - the hidden tool in Windows 98.
FAX program - what happened to that?
Windows - autotexts in any program with ShortKeys.
Windows - permanent, global and local macros..
Running out of space on my hard disk...
Enabling DMA on the harddisk...
Use MSConfig to alter the Windows start-up.

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