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MacroExpress 98

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  • This program is quite smart. It is about developing macros, which can handle the repetitive keyboard/mouse operations.

    A small, very simple example: If I write my home pages in an editor like Composer; I have to forever format headings with the heading 1, 2, and 3 formats. The only way I can do that is through the menu or tool bar. To grab the mouse every time is not practical while I write, and menu choices require some complicated keyboard entries. All I wish is to make:

  • [Alt]+1 give heading 1
  • [Alt]+2 give heading 2
  • [Alt]+3 give heading 3

    That's how the styles work in Word. But with MacroExpress 98 it is very easy to add this functionality. You see the screen image here:

    You can select whether the macros will work in all programs, or whether they only work in a designated program. Probably the last option is the smartest. I need to add that the program places some demands on the user. It takes a little while to understand how it works. You see MacroExpress 98 records an image of for example your mouse movements. So if you for example change the menus or program set-up, you might risk that the results are quite different when you play the macro. Here is a brief description:

    You start the recording in this screen image. Here I will add a macro to the keyboard command [Alt]+q:

    The next image looks like this:

    Then the macro is recorded through the keyboard/mouse commands for that program. When you are finished, you close by pressing [Alt]+q (in this case).

    Then the macro works. When you are in the given program you press [Alt]+q, and the macro plays. If you used the mouse during recording, you will see (surely to your great surprise) the mouse work on its own. It takes a little while, but the macro works just like you recorded it.

    Now it just remains to speed it up. I do that by double clicking on the macro. The first command regards the speed, and I set the value to 0.01, to make the macro work at the speed of lightning. I can also delete all Delays:

    I can recommend the two programs here - they are invaluable if you work a lot with your PC.

    It is even easier, when you can type in the keys directly:

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