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Windows Autotexts

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  • It is terribly impractical to have to repeat the same operations over and over again. Some programs (like Word) gives lots of options for customizing their execution with macros, autotexts, and keyboard shortcuts. You can read about that in "Word 97 short course," where I have given much emphasis on these options.

    But other - many other- Windows programs do not offer these macro etc. options. That is the case with a program like Composer, which I use to write my home pages. There is no question that the program is excellent for writing home pages. But its functionality is quite primitive. There are hardly any keyboard shortcuts, and no macros. Many Windows programs are designed like this, and it can really be quite trying to fight your way through a larger assignment.

    You can get help. I am talking about two programs, which can spruce up any Windows program. I can equip Composer with just the same autotexts and keyboard shortcuts, which I enjoy so much in Word:

  • ShortKeys 98
  • MacroExpress 98

    Both programs require some getting used to, but then they really work. Unfortunately only for 30 days, unless you pay for them. Let me show you some examples of how I use them. First the simplest of the programs:

    ShortKeys 98

    ShortKeys is quite similar to the Autotext function in the word processing program Word. The idea is that you make an abbreviation of those words or expressions you use most frequently. The smart thing about ShortKeys is that it works in all Windows programs. Look at this illustration:

    Every time I need to write the word Windows, I just press w. When I hit the space bar after the w, the abbreviation is replaced immediately and automatically with "Windows". Likewise:

  • h gives the text home pages,
  • ht give gives the text Click & Learn: http://www.mkdata.dk/english
  • etc.

    You just have to get used to the program, since it sometimes may surprise you. But that is soon corrected, and it really saves you time. That is certainly worth its $20 - register it right away!

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