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The FAX program - what happened in Windows 98?

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  • Windows FAX is the program which enables you to send fax using your modem. That is a smart item, since fax by modem can appear much more appealing to the receiver than fax from a machine. Machine fax has to be scanned first, and that results in a loss of quality.

    The FAX function was quite simple to install in Windows 95, but for some reason that program has been omitted in Windows 98. Well it is not really gone, but you have to look hard for it. Then you have to install it yourself. Peculiar, but here is how:

    On the Windows 98 CD-ROM you need to enter the folder \WIN98\TOOLS\OLDWIN95\MESSAGE. There you find the Awfax program, and you need to click on that:

    After you have accepted the license agreement, you can now install Microsoft Fax:

    Now follows the installation:

    After you restart your PC, Microsoft Fax will be ready to use. It works by installing an extra printer:

    When you have written a document in your word processor, you can print that to the fax instead of your regular printer. I hope this works (my own ISDN modem can not work with fax).

    One question remains: Why all these capers to hide the program so far out of the way in Windows 98? God's ways are unfathomable!

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