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Single click in Explorer

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  • I use the single click system in Explorer, as you can see in some of the screen dumps.

    This causes the folder names to be underlined, which means that they work as links on a home page. One click opens them. Try that.

    To activate it you need to select View -> Folder Options in Explorer.

    On the General tab select:

    Then click Settings..., and select:

    Click OK and it works. You just have to get used to the new interface. You just select objects by letting the mouse cursor rest on them - without clicking. Give it a chance!

    Moreover you can adjust the "reaction time," that is the time between touching an object and selecting it. You need to find the program TWEAK UI, which is on the 98 CD. There you can adjust "menu speed" - increase it. It causes the selection to appear faster. Now there is no excuse for the impatient souls, who might think that the pointing method is too slow compared to the traditional click. Read later about TWEAK UI.

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