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Choose your own start page

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  • When you open your browser, some kind of home page is automatically written in. That is true regardless of which browser you use. It is not quite unimportant which home page you choose, and actually you have four options:

  • A blank page
  • A home page saved in your PC
  • Some fixed page from the net
  • The browsers default page.

    I will highly recommend that you experiment with these options. The blank page is the easiest way out. The browser starts with a blank page and is ready immediately. A local home page is a good option. You make your own home page with the links you use most frequently. Then the browser will open that as your starting page. I have such a local home page myself, but it is on my desktop as is described elsewhere here.

    The fixed start page from the net can be an exciting enterprise. There are really many who like for you to use their web site as start page. That gives many visits to their page, which in turn signals success and might result in earnings through advertisements.

    Finally you can choose to let the browser select a start page - but that is least desirable solution. Neither Microsoft's nor Netscape's start pages are particularly exciting. Make a better choice yourself!

    How do you do this? Well, in Internet Explorer you need to select View -> Internet Options. The rest is easy:

    Above the easiest is to browse to the page you want as your start page and then click on the button Use Current. In Netscape Navigator you similarly select Edit, Preferences...:

    Here it is similarly easy to browse to the start page and then click on the button Use Current Page.

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