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Fixed folder for downloading in Internet Explorer

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  • When you are in the Internet with Internet Explorer and look at a file, which is not a home page, you have the option to download the file. But in which folder does it end up? Maybe you have noticed that it appears to be random. Or maybe you have discovered that it always saves in the last folder you downloaded to. You see Windows saves that information.

    I want Internet Explorer to always suggest C:\temp for saving downloads, since I always use that folder for this purpose. So how do I make the Internet Explorer program accept that? Unfortunately I need to go to the registry database. That is just a small thing, and here I will show you how:

    Open a new text document in Notepad, or whatever program you use for that kind of thing. Then write these lines, precisely as you see them here (It is easier to copy them from here, then you will get no errors):


    [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer]

    "Download Directory"="C:\\temp"
    Here you see it:

    Now save the file, for example on the desktop. It MUST have the suffix .REG. I call it ie40download.reg. The moment you rename the suffix, the file will be included in the registry database, as you can see from the icon:

    Now you just have to double click on the file to run it. Confirm with OK twice, then everything is in its place. In the future the download folder will be C:\temp (or whatever you wrote in the file). This remains true until you save in another folder. Then you have to run the file again to re-establish C:\temp as the default folder.

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