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What are the advantages of Windows 98?

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  • In my opinion and experience Windows 98 was an excellent operating system when introduced. At its introduction in the spring of 1998, some papers made the comment "it is not worth the money" and "there is not much new compared to Windows 95." I did not agree with them.

    Here are some of the advantages compared to earlier versions of Windows:

    Generally better performance

    Generally Windows 98 utilizes the PC resources better:

  • Memory management has been completely changed. It finally works.
  • The file system is better integrated into the operating system, which gives new functionality.
  • Program loading can be up to four times as fast.
  • Hardware support is significantly improved with a new driver model, and all new chipsets etc. are supported. However these conditions may change.

    These improvements are sufficiently significant to justify an upgrade.

    Better user interface

    Superficially the Windows 95 user interface has not changed much. But you need not dig down very deep to see many novelties. I am talking about small items with better adaptations in the Start menu, new tool bars, etc. But these small items are really very smart when you need to set the user interface.

    Better system tools

    The system tools are significant for the more demanding user, who really wants to know and be in command of the PC. A number of new tools have been added to Windows 98. They improve surveillance facilities. All of this will be thoroughly described in my upcoming "Windows 98 and hardware" booklet (or whatever the title will be).


    Many will experience that previous instability is just gone. The PC can be left on for weeks on end without going down a single time. Many may laugh at this - "why should we pay to correct Windows 95 errors." That may be true, but consider the wasted time with PC's which fail and need to be restarted, etc. Cut the mustard and get 98 on your machines - then it works. Life is too short for lousy software!

    Windows 98 is not good enough

    In the years after the introduction of Windows 98, we saw new and faster hardware coming extremely frequent. We got faster CPU's, the clock frequency increasing 3 to 5 times in few years. Also harddisks became faster and RAM as well.

    Having a moderne PC with plenty of fast hardware, Windows 98 or Me (the later version) is not good enough. You need Windows 2000 or XP to benefit from the hardware. This is a fact. Just look at the way Windows 98 manages memory - it does not work using more than 128 MB of RAM. And that is a petty. If yOutlookwork with graphical applications like Photoshop or FireWorks, you will see a great performance using 512 MB RAM or more - but not with Windows 98/Me.

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