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- is shareware, not freeware

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  • is a tool for education. It is an online textbook. You pay for other books and materials, hence you should also pay for the use of

    You pay by cheque. It is cheap and it is easy.

    See the different types of subscription. To keep the service running you have to pay for your use!

    Subscriptions - prices

    We have two types of subscriptions:

  • Privates. $36 for 12 months subscription.
  • Schools, colleges and universities. $98.00 per 50 users for 6 months use.

    Prices are in US$, but equivalent amounts in Euro or other currency will also do.

    Private subscription

    If you use Click & Learn as a tool to improving your own computer skills and knowledge (as many do) - you should register. For just US $36 (or equivalent amount in other currency) you may use Click & Learn for 12 months.

    Included in the Private subscription is the right to print the articles for personal use. However, you get no more material than what already is found on the website. You just support the further development of Click & Learn.

    You pay by cheque. Thank you.

    Schools, colleges and universities

    IMPORTANT: You may not use Click & Learn for teaching without paying for it! Any school, college, university or other institution using Click & Learn for training or other educational purpose must register.

    The subscription is US $98 per 50 users for 6 months use.

    For this price you have free online acces to all modules for a group of 50 users (e.g. one class or one course) for a period of 6 months. During this period you may print the articles for use in this group of persons.

    You pay by cheque. Thank you.

    If you need an invoice, please send us a note about this. You will receive the invoice by e-mail in PDF-format.

    Bank cheque:

    Please write the cheque (in US $ or equivalent amount in other currency) to:, Att: Peter Karbo
    Nordre Frihavnsgade 83
    DK-2100, Copenhagen , Denmark, Europe

    Send the cheque by airmail to the address. Thank you.

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