About Michael B. Karbo

Born 1957 at Christianshavn, Copenhagen. Graduated from high school in 1975 with math. and physics as majors.

1977-79. Studied French language and linguistics at University of Copenhagen.

1978-80. Several travels to the Middle East and Asia.

1980. Moved to Silkeborg, a beautiful town in the midst of Jutland.

1985. Degree as a school teacher. Degrees in physics/chemistry and art.

Married to Jette (1983). Father to Toke (1985) and Christina (1989).

From 1986 working in a minor computer company, programming in Pascal and studying DOS/hardware.

1989 moving to Aabenraa, near the German border in Southern Jutland. Now teaching adults in math. and computer science.

First book (of many to come) printed in 1992 (Danisher publisher: Gyldendal).

1996. Starting the website "Click & Learn" (later renamed KarbosGuide.com). A web based material to be used in all kinds of educational institutions.

1997. Doing eight successful TV programs called "Omkring PC'en" (Around the PC).

1998-2001. Writing more books and becoming one of the the most read authors in Denmark.

To day I am the author of more than 35 books distributed by IDG Books in Denmark and translated into 18 other languages. Our web has visitors from more than 120 countries.

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    Michael & Jette Karbo, Provence 2001

    Michael B. Karbo, Valby 1999

  • My approach

    When I write I want to give people a good, sound comprehension of technical subjects like computer science. And so the subject matter must be explained many times and in several different ways.

    This way I make sure that the reading will (hopefullly) never be boring. And this is the approach taken in all my books. I go over the subjects using three different methods:

  • Explanations
  • Exercises
  • Illustrations

    This corresponds to three elements in the learning process: textual, visual/figurative and practical. Some readers benefit from one of the approaches - others from another.

    My language is light and cheerful in tone with short sentences. The aim is to reach all interested readers, and I practise this in all booklets, using the same language and pedagogical approach. Hence the readers find it easy to recognize my “style”.

    From Danish television, DK4 in 1997:

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