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  • Welcome! Here you find articles of more than 450 pages on these pages. This site is the work by best-selling European author Michael B. Karbo.

    Karbosguide.com is used by schools teaching IT.

    The material is under full copyright, it is not freeware! You may only use it for personal use. All material found on Karbosguide.com is under full copyright and may not under any circumstances be copied without permission from Michael Karbo.

    Teachers may use Karbosguide.com at their courses, but the contents may not be copied or distributed.

    Karbosguide.com is a private project, produced out of personal interest in telling the illustrated story of the PC - nothing else. Nobody has paid us to do the work, and we have written what we felt to be correct and important to know and tell about. We make no profit from the pages; a few dollars come from the banners, but this merely covers our cost for serving and online access.

    This "online book" was originally launched in 1996. Since then it has been heavily updated each year and month, and we hope to continue the work for many years!


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    We do not answer personal requests on which hardware to be used or bought etc. We should love to do this, but we prefer to spend the time updating the modules on these pages.

    However we very much like to hear from you. You can choose from one of these formulars to post your message:

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    English translation by Mr. Erik Karoll.

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