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About digital music

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There are quite a few different kinds of music formats you can find on the Internet. A few of them are described on these pages.

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  • About the player

    When you have some of those files, you need a player (a plugin) to replay it on your PC. All versions of Windows have built-in players for the Wav and Midi files, so you do not have to think of that. Just double-click on the file, and the sound or tune is replayed:

    However, the sound files MP3s and the MODs are much more interesting formats than Wav and Midi. But you need plugins, a little program to replay the tunes. These players are freely available on the Internet - I'll give you the links later.

    Some players are only available as plugins to browsers. This goes for the Koan stuff. Others (MP3s and MODs) can be achieved as stand-alone players or plugins.

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