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About file systems (continued)

The contents:

  • Working with the FAT formatted disk
  • 4 areas different on the disk

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  • The FAT formatted disk

    During formatting, all hard disk are divided into multiple sectors. The sectors must contain both user data and the file system administrative data. This is because in FAT, the administrative data are stored on the disk also:

    Thus, the disk is divided in:

  • Sectors, occupied by FAT administrative data.
  • Sectors, which are user available for data storage (the data area).

    The latter of the to parts obviously is the biggest.

    The four disk areas

    Each disk or disk partition contains four fundamental areas:

  • The boot record, which is always in the first sector .
  • FAT areas, of which there are usually two identical.
  • The root directory.
  • The data area.

    In the data area all files and sub directories (beyond the root directory) are stored. The data area sectors are gathered in clusters, and this organization is illustrated here:

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