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  • CD-R and CD-RW

    In 1990, the CD-ROM technique was advanced to include personal burning. You could buy your own burner.

    A burner is also a drive

    To make your own CD-ROMs, you use a drive, which can write on special CD-ROM disks.

    These disks have a temperature sensing layer, which can be changed by writing. You can only write on any given part of these disks once. This CD-R disk is also called a WORM disk (Write Once Read Many). Once the CD-R is burnt, it can be read in most newer CD drive for sound or data.

    Most people use CD-Recorders for:

  • Copying music CDs for personal use
  • Backing up data (documents, images, programs)
  • Producing MP3 CDs (with up to 12 hours of music)


    The CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) is another type of CD, where you can write multiple times on the same disk surface.

    However, not all CD drives can read these CDs. New drives, which can adjust the laser beam to match the current media and hopefully read the CD-RW disks, are called multiread.

    To work with CD-RW you need special software like Adaptecs. It comes with the HP 8100 drive:

    You need to format the CD-RW disk before use:

    With the falling prices of CD-R medias the CD-RW option has become less interesting. Most people do not use CD-RW very much, from what I hear, they just burn the CD-Rs they need.

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