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Intel i820E "Camino II"

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    In June 2000 Intel's revamped i820E chipset started shipping.

    Featuring a brand new ICH2 I/O controller hub (i82801BA), the new chip set holds:

  • Four USB ports using dual controllers
  • Integrated LAN controller
  • Dual Ultra ATA/100 IDE controllers
  • Dolby surround-capable six-channel audio.

    The i820e uses the same RDRAM Memory Controller Hub (MCH) found on the original 820. This indicates that there will still be a maximum of two RIMM slots on the motherboards. However other reports mention 4 RIMMs

    The new ICH2 offers a bandwidth of 2,4 MB/sec across four USB ports. This is a good thing as the ATA/100 support is!

    The enhanced AC'97 interface should support 6 channelsfull surround-sound for DVD Dolby Digital audio.

    A future for this set?

    It is too early to see if there should be a hope for the 820E chipset. If you have read all the previous pages, you know about the troubles Intel and millions of users have had with the I820 set. We doubt that the market will forget this.

    Our advise should be to forget 820 and go for the later i815! However, Intel have planned a new version, "Camino III", scheduled to launch early in 2001.

    Another chipset to come after i820 is the i850 "Tehama" which is to be used with Pentium 4. This is also a RAMBUS-only solution, using dual RIMM channels for better bandwidth.

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