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Intel i820 "Camino" continued

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  • The Interlink channel
  • AGP4X
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  • Interlink

    The two controllers are united by a new "Interlink" channel. It runs at 266 MB/sec:

    The interlink bus operates at 133 MHz in a 2X mode making it 128bit wide. This gives a bandwidth of 266 MB/sec (133.000.000 X 128 / 8).

    The 4X AGP

    Intel was one of the first companies to implement AGP 4X in the chip set. Using AGP 4x, the bandwidth to the graphics subsystem has doubled from 533 MB/sec in AGP 2X to more than 1 GB/sec:

    This is good for all gamers. 3D gaming needs a powerfull channel to RAM to produce high quality screen frames.

    The RDRAM channel

    The use of Rambus should provide the memory optimal bandwidth.The RDRAM supports PC600, PC700, and PC800, delivering 1.6 GB/s of memory bandwidth in the PC800 - twice the peak memory bandwidth of 100MHz SDRAM systems.

    However the price of RDRAM was extremely high in the first year of i820. Therefore, i820 never became popular.

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