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Intel i820 "Camino" continued

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  • Caminogate: No PC133 RAM, no MTH
  • The hub-based architecture
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  • Caminogate: No PC133 RAM, no MTH

    Today we know the i820 chip set is used only with RDRAM; Intel failed to produce a reliable MTH (or Memory Conversion Hub (MCH), as it later was named).

    One of the problems appeared to be that the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) chip included on SDRAM DIMMS was missing in some modules. This SPD was crucial to the MCH. A solution was to add a 150 ohm resistor between the Memory Translator Hub and the SDRAM ...

    Wisely Intel finally gave up all this business. In the end they had to recall a million of Intel motherboards and had to give away RDRAM in large numbers to unlucky customers among buyers of other motherboard brands using the ill-faited i820 chip set. Here the ITH caused sudden reboots when PC133 RAM was installed.

    However you may say that without support for either PC133 or PC2100 RAM, there is no big use for the i820 chip set.

    The hub-based architecture

    In earlier designs (like BX) you had the two controllers united by the PCI channel:

    This design but a heavy strain on the PCI bus, having a 133 MB/sec bandwidth. All data to between RAM and disks, network adapters and other I/O boards such as PCI-based graphics controllers had to pass through the PCI bus.

    In the new design, we first saw within the i810 chip set, we have "hubs" instead of "bridges":

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