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The intel i820 "Camino" chip set

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  • Intro to Intel 820

    In 1999 the new generation of high-end Intel chip set was code named "Camino".

    This i820 "Camino" chip sets was originally set for debut in May or June, but were delayed. The Rambus technology was problematic.

    The i820 chip set was finally to be launched September 27th, 1999 but was delayed again. This time motherboards with more than two SDRAM sockets did not work. And there have been so many problems with this chip set, which soon became a nightmare for Intel. In the press the situation was described as "Caminogate"

    Anyway, we have to look into the architecture. We find:

  • New hub-based architecture
  • 133 MHz FSB
  • Rambus
  • Up to 1GB RAM
  • AGP4X
  • ATA66

    The chipset was designed for high-end use with Pentium III processors.

    The chips in i820

    The chip set consists of two main controllers:

  • The 82820 Memory Controller Hub.
  • The 82801 I/O Controller Hub (ICH)

    The (MCH) provides the CPU interface, DRAM interface, and AGP interface. This chip is found in two versions: A single processor (82820) or a dual processorchip (82820DP).

    The ICHmakes a direct connection from the graphics and memory to the integrated AC97 controller, the ATA66 controller, dual USB ports, and PCI add-in cards.

    Besides the two main controllers you also find:

  • 82380AB PCI-ISA Bridge
  • 82802 Firmware Hub

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