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April 2002


I cannot express how valuable your website is to me in preparation for my A+ Certification Exam. Easy to follow, great examples, and all in plain English.

Thank you Karbos.

Daniel Bedzo, Toronto-Ont. Canada

well done

sunny from uk

excellent stuff



Recently i had been going through our site and i am very very impressed. i am a software engg working for Aplion Networks Inc. and i am into embedded systems.currently working in VPN technology.

I have a suggestion that since your site is so rich in contents i request you to give a provision for downloading the tech doc in pdf format. As most of the time i am working and it becomes tough job for me and many others across the world to click to next page and read online.

Wishing more success in life through this site.


Dev Chatterjee


Die Seite ist super!!!


Sir / Madam,

Thank you very much for such a knowlegable site. Thanks a lot. You people really helping the world of computer to improve knowledge

Name: Jaymin Jhala
Countary: India

Thanks for the information

This is a very helpful site -- thank you for all your hard work on it and for sharing it with us.

Mark, United States

I stumbled onto your site and was amazed of all the technical information. Presently I'm studying computers. I was wondering if you have this information on a disk or where I can get a copy.


John Polbos

Un chef d'oeuvre (A great work)

No word to congratulate you for your great work. Even it is writen in english (I'm a french speaker), I found it clear and easily understandable. It's a lucky for me to find these information because, in the past, I went to Intel site, looking for something.

I want only here tell you do a fantastic work !

Thank you very much et go so ever !


I'm confused with my DVD

Hello, my name is Grant Robinson and i'm 14. I live in Wales (UK). I own a Playstation 2 and as you know it also plays DVD's. I would like to order a DVD from the internet but the DVD i would like is in NTSC Format. I am wondering whether this would matter to my British PS2. Do you know if my PS2 would play a NTSC format disk?

Please help me...Grant

Flashing banner ad


I was referred to your site from OneLook Dictionaries. Your site may have some excellent information on it, but that red flashing banner (http://www.burstnet.com/ads/ad7445a-map.cgi/18658/BCPG10496.22739.19763/)ad you have is painful to have on the screen. It's like staring directly at a disco strobelight and trying to read a sign underneath it. I quickly got off of your site and went to another dictionary site to get the information I needed.



Excellent and informative.

Davros Vader.

programming sound card

dear sir geing attracted by your exited site i made my mind to write you with the hope to know something about: programming sond card ""DAC"" in pascal/c/or visual basic

thank you for reading my mail

best regards

Very Well Done

My Name is Debra. I'm From the United States. I live in Phoenix Arizona.

I am very new to the use and knowledge of Pc's so I am thrilled about your technique of teaching.

I'll be sending my check to you soon and Thank-You !

Your Lovely!!! You And Yours, That is!!!

Best Regards,

site map

I am a student studying computer hardware maintanance.


Darlington Muza
box 113

Great help

Just what I needed for my studying.


Mike Sharland, UK

Tak for det!!!

Ich danke dir vielmals!!!



your site is so good and contain alot of information.



Excellence For PC Hardware study

This hardware notes are very helpfull to our pc knowlegs.


Aruna Dissanayaka From Sri Lanka

Old car pics.

Love your old car pics. I was especially impressed by the 'Old' Jag 220. I would appreciate more knowledge on the car in Pic Jag 05. I don't recognize that one.



Dear Michael,

There are quite a few errors, spelling mainly. I viewed only Windows 98 page. Needs a detailed review to make your guide match its usefulness, which it amply deserves. Congrats and best wishes.


The B all and End all of Computers

A great source of reference for persons such as myself who know nothing yet!

Thank you and keep up the good work for peolpe like me.

Mel. Australia.


I really do appreciate the effort you have put into this site. I have passed it on to two ""newbie"" friends and they are in awe too.

Adios amigo............WDD

THanks so much

Thanks so much for putting this on line, and Thanks to the Lockergnome for telling me about it! Chris Pirillo knows his stuff.


More of an omission or addition, perhaps!

There is an extender for USB called ExtremeUSB... here's a site: http://icron.com/tech_extreme.shtml

Ur solution was perfect!

After 1.4 years of having a ""restart"" only problem using Win98SE, with multiple BSOD's @ 016F:BFF8CC32, U had the only solution which was found 2 B a disk cache problem. Using Ur parameters, a change 2 my ""System,ini"" file fixed it by changing from ""min & maxfilecache=32552"" to ""min & maxfilecache=8096"".

Many, many thanks for ending my hours of frustration! My hat is off 2 U!

From Alex Umstead, USA



ur website is fantastic.

Thank u.


I was lost, then I was found!

I updated my ZoneAlarm Pro and only got a ! when I tried to access your site . Now all is fixed.

As I said before I like your site because it's not too high tech but it's also not too simple.

As I told you in previous EMail my Folks live in Denmark West. Australia.



Dear Mr.Michael Karbo
Came across your site while surfing for info on the different types of RAM in the market today. I found your site highly informative without going into deep technical detail, yet explaining the necessary technical information in an easily understandable form. Keep up the great work!

Thanks Karbo!

Eng. ALI al-kashif
Cairo Egypt

I'm so greatfull of such effort, Hoping you all best wishes.

Eng. Aly al-kashif

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