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February 2002


I am a girl from Bulgaria! I read several times your books about "Internet" and" Windows".

They are wonderful.!!!!!!!


Excellent for a student

I am currently studying to become a technician and find the site most helpfull. Great work, keep it up.

Wayne. Australia.


Thanks a lot for your site. It's a great help=)!

Allan - U.K.

One of the Best

This site has left me speechless! Great effort people! A very good guide that includes almost everything (theory, photos and technical details.)! I will strongly recommend it!

Nasos. Greece

Thanks for your informative pages on sound cards.



Dear Michael Karbo,

My name is Tarnthip from Thailand. I was graduated at The University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce major in Computer Science.

I'm working on my own website which aim to give the visitors knowlege on computer technology.

I've gone through your site and found it's very interesting. This make me think of Thai translation of your work. I would like to ask your permission to traslate your work to Thai and may need to rearrage as appropriate for Thai readers. Do you have any concept or regulations regarding this ? If so, please, let me know.

Thank you in advance

Best Regards


Zum Inhalt brauch man nix sagen, wunderbar einfach, Kompliment.


Well, not bad.

Most of the themes which are very difficult to understand can be learned here in a simple way. But some things are not up to date. So don't give up this site and try working on it to keep it up to date


Bochum, Germany

Guten Tag!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Bemühungen

mit besten Grüßen

Arne Gotzen

Wow !! -

Fantastic !!

Comprehensive !!

Excellent Web Site !!

Keep up the good work.


Worthful SITE


It is really amazing site.

We can say it's father of hardware sites

keep it up..


Now, this I can read

Better than any other books I have read about the subject. Nicely and simply written. thanks.



Great resource for Austin Business College Students! Thanks!


Hello from Iowa !!!!

I have found this site the most imformational on the web and I recomend it to everyone in the trade as well. I have several friends in the IT end of companies and as educated as we are is nessary for us to return to the begining now and then.

Thanks for your help in this!!!!!!!!

Hello Saviour

I am at present trying to learn about PC's & you have been a very great help with your Guides. Thank you very much. I will recommend you to all & sundry


David W. Sicling


Your website is a very useful one ..

Can you help by providing a solution to convert VHS to VCD .. the hardwares & softwares essential

thanking you


"Thumbs-up" computer info resource

. . and best of all, there's no fee to browse the materials.

Kudos to karbosguide.com. Salamat (Thanks)

- Ron CA, USA

Thanks for the info!

Just the site I've been looking for! Contains a wealth of information including many suggestions on how to improve the effeciency of Windows 98. Also explained in plain English the different components that make up the hardware and software systems.

Thanks much!

Reg Fung USA.>

Great Page

Hello Mike, this is really great page, most comprehensive knowledge about PC Architecture/components I've found on the web.

Additionally I would appreciate more detailed comparison charts with technical details, i.e.:

- all Intel Processors & other game player 9AMD etc.)
- overview of I/O bus structures
- as above for system bus clsocks, supporting chips.

This would help to position all the knowledge independent of listed marketing oriented benefits as Intel tends to public.

GREAT HELP for all presentations, tranings workshops etc.

Keep going

Wojtek Wurzenberger (Germany)

Great job !

It helps me gathering all I heard/read about PC HW.Thanks !


thank you

Your pages on digital sound cards is a great teaching tool.

My son just got a Roland workstation and can't afford the Roland $500 cd burner. We were told that a digial sound card in a computer could be used to transfer files into our PC and then burn them on our regular cd burner.

Wish us luck.

thanks again.

Karl Knudsen


A brilliant site, full of extremely useful info. Having had a good look around it, I wonder how I managed to build my own computer without checking here for first class advice.

Keep up the good work

Malcolm UK

My thanks to you

Michael B. Karbo you have done it!

You have extracted the essentials and put them all into a logical, easy to understand series of lessons.

Phillip Low

Fairbanks Alaska


This is a great, informative site with tons of info. One small thing, navigation is a pain until you get used to it. But i rate it 99%, thanks.

Danny, UK

Great Site

This site is great, lots of good stuff

Petra Barbados

eine gute seite

ich muss sagen, das nenne ich eine informative seite!!!!

habe auch eine!! www.source-codes.de.vu. Uns ich brauche auch noch was für meine 486 -Seite: www.486-welt.de.vu



Eine liebevoll gestaltete Seite. Das muss man wirklich sagen!

bussi, at

Your site is my homepage now

This is the best site I've ever seen. Information here is very knowledgeable. I would like to say thank you for your work.

Your site is my homepage now.

Lan, USA

Book Publishers

Hello, I am finding your site from a link in a CramSession Document on A+ Hardware Certification. So I, as usual, am investigating your details because I want to link to your site. But also I am interested in Writing of Technical books and Electronic versions. I have not quite got into this as a profession yet, and have been working as Systems Admin and Network Admin type of jobs. But I have written Tech Support Pages for ISP's.

I wanted to mention that I have been on a US site, learn.com ... which offers to pay for writing articles. I emailed them once about writing of Technical Articles, but received no response. I wonder if you (or we together?) might have better luck. Even if it doesn't pay enough, perhaps it will lead to more exposure which may be sighted by other publisher(s).

Another idea is O'Reilly and Associates. www.oreilly.com. They've been a CORE Unix tech publisher for a long time, but these days have a much broader area of subjects.

Your material so far seems very readable, knowledgeable, and helpful. (I've been reading Disks and Drives section thus far...)

Alan G. Spicer (a_spicer@bellsouth.net)


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