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    January 2002

    Great job!

    You did a great job by explaining difficult high-technical stuff in so simple language that even an old dumbo(77)like me can understand it. Thanks!

    Martin Deelen- Eindhoven(NL)

    thank you

    I am trying to figure out what I want in a new system for the home. Your site is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for all the research and effort. This is great. I'll be back... often.


    The Best Ever!!

    You've created a web site that changed our lives, its soo cool and most of the one we were looking for and surely its the worlds best web site with so comprehensive, detailed information with pictures.. Keep it up and we hope that you'll maintain this in the future too.

    Thank you for bringing such a wonderfull website.

    D.R Raza

    thank you

    This is a great site, thanks for keeping everything simple, and especially for the setup tips for windows. Why is no publisher interested?????????\

    apope/el paso, tx

    Invaluable information

    I found information that I was searching for a long time .


    Salah from Morocco

    Great site!

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to prepare this site. Lots of good information. I found it courtesy of www.pcmike.com.



    - Interesting article about PC harware. Thanks.


    use of tutorials

    My name is Stephen, I am currently studying multimedia in computing & am doing an assignment on "Electronics & Computer Science" I wish to use some of your tutorials with your kind permission. The material will only be used for educational use for my college course not for any profit.

    Kind Regards


    Site Suggestion


    I was surfing around and found your very helpful site! Would you consider list my site on yours for your guests to visit? Any consideration is very appreciated!

    Best of luck with your Web endeavors!


    Vince Underwood
    President, 5 Star Support
    A Computer Learning Environment


    This is very powerful resource. And up to date. It helps me to prepare some topics on "computer basics" Course. Keep it this way.


    Simon PhD, Toronto

    Great help site!

    Great site! Up to date with everything a user needs to know.


    RA, IT Adm

    Texas, USA

    This web-site is gift

    For many years i've been looking for a site like this, its informative and intresting, i'm thankfull to all who have done such a nice job, cause its important to my own job.

    Syed Asif Hussain


    My name is Barney Odend'hal. It is French and German.


    I found a lot of usefull info in your article,

    Thank you

    Don Tomlinson

    just a thank you

    thank you so much for your site. it's great! you're great!


    i found somthing here very interesting

    that is my first time i am here and i saw everything i expected from that website i am from pakistan and i learned the hardware from a small shop now i can be a lil bit good in that proffession

    bubye arbabwatanyar

    Hi, Love the major update

    Smee again ( part of a joke )

    I still like the level you pitch your "information" It's not too hard or too easy . Again, thank you ( last time I told you my parents live in Denmark W.A. ) The rest of the joke is G.G.F.

    But you would have to be an Aussie to find it funny!!

    G'Day TIM

    Hi Michael and Jette,

    Great guide that you produce. Has helped me enormously with my HNC computing requirements.

    Best regards,

    Merry Christmas

    mike finch

    Great Web Site

    Great Web Site. Very informative. I have told others about it.



    A lot of the topics I've run across before but it took me two years. I just had a refresher course in an hour

    troutslayer ca

    Really.... Very helpfull practical site

    it save your time to search about information because it well organized. its realy amazing site


    One of the best

    This is one of the best sites I have found for that, down to earth information. Keep up the good work.

    Bryan -- Australia

    Great site.

    Very helpful for to get to know what's inside a pc.

    William Pamer England.

    Great site!!


    Hello Michael B. Karbo....

    I`m A+, MSCE + MCP + Brainbench Hardware Certified Engineer.

    best regards


    Great site!!

    This is an excellent site for me since I am studying A+ certification right now. Do you know where I can download a printable comprehensive list of troubleshooting a PC--including all components. It would be greatly appreciated!! Meanwhile, I'll pass your site on to my tech friends. Look forward to hearing from you and keep up the great work.

    Anthony Butler

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