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Great site!!

Thanks for the Info

This is just the type of Info I can use! Wonderful!

Terry - U.S.A.

Great! Everything I need is here!!!

I'm computer engineering student, I have been looking for information on PC hardware for a long time....But finally i got them all here, this is fantastic!!!! Thanx!

Omary Ally studying in Shanghai University.


I have to point out that the first programable computing device was actually built in England during the early part of WW2, and provided vital decoding of encrypted Axis Power communications.


N Anderson UK.

06-12-2001 .

hello! - nice web page!

steven shanley. England

Your work is very strong.

Searcher, usa

this is greatt

finally something I can understand

thanks Glen USA

Beautiful Opera

I'm Italian from Brindisi and I can't help to say that this was the rewew I was looking for. Every day I visit these pages for their capacity to go into the problem with simple words. I think is the top for understanding PC'world.

Thank you karbo for your opera.

Bye Mino

Fette Seite!!!

andreas, germany


Thank you Mr. Karbo.

Your site has been of an immense assistant to me in preparing my students' lecture note. I really don't know how to express my gratitude. Thanks all the same.


Your site is very well done, and I certainly ppreciate the hard works you have done to outline, research, draft, edit, and rewrite. Then you went even further to create this great site, which having been a Webmaster I know is a major endeavor. Thanks for a job well done!

David Cox

Alexandria, LoUiSianA

Sehr gute Seite -

Ich bin persönlich mit der Ausbildung von IT-Systemelektronikern beschäftigt. Diese Seite erhält gute Infos.

Andreas Paland, Germany

Nette Seite und wirklich sehr informativ.

Pyrix, Germany


Great site

Good details and well organized! Very helpful.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hi Michael

Thanks for creating such an informative homepage, especially the hardware section.

S. Tedjokusuma, Indonesia


Just the best..

Until now I saw no better way of understanding those complex things.

heinz behnke, germany

Thank you for the great job!

just wanted to appreciate all your hard work.. the information you provide on your site is great..and so easily understandable..!

thanks for making much of that jargon more understandable..!

Alex, India

This is a lovely site.

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Great Website!!

Steffen Raimann

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