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06.11.01 This is a fabulous web!

I stand to tell MANY computer 'non-geeks'.



Very nice web-pages !

-Janne, Finland

super fantastic, just what we all need, thank you

Thank you, This is terrific reading and all great information. thank you

Dyanne M. Perrotta

Barbados, west Indies >


I'm Risto from Finland. And I would like to thank KarbosGuide.com! Because it has really helped me.

So, thanks and keep up the good work!

This website is very informative, and very well put together.

I am a college student and my assignment is to build my own personal computer. Someone in class told me about your website and I thought so highly of it when I saw it that I wanted to share with you my thoughts.

Good Job Mr. Karbos

Very Informative

Your website has answered a lot of questions. I have it bookmarked so I can come back any time to find answers. I found the address in a sympatico book. Thanks ever so much.

Debbie Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

excelent practical guide

Thank you for providing very explanatary practical guide for pc hardware

r.surendran india

GREAT JOB - Well I have to say that you did somethig cool there.

Well that's it bye for now and really GREAT JOB!!!

Stefan aka COObra

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