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30.10.01 Good guide

Very good iniative.

Found by accident via Copernic.com

pvd Perre, Belgium

Ladies' & Gentlemen:
Disabled Veteran Needs a computer - related software

I am writing inquiring if anyone in your company can assist me in obtaining a computer system or a updated typewriter (until I can find a computer), office equipment. I understand with all the 'challenges' that are happening right here in America, it's hard for me to ask, but I have no other avenue to go, but to write a company like yours. I was hurt during the Desert Storm/Shield war-- It has been a long recovery period and for the most part I'm completely recovered.

I was able to borrow an older PC for E-mail, but I'm not able run the business and graphic programs, I study in school. Veterans Affairs takes care of all my medical and most of my financial support. But I am yet to find anyone to help obtain the office equipment/computer system. Every time I try to save towards one, something always comes up and I have to start over.

It has been very 'challenging' adjusting to living and not allowing my disabilities to block my progress. Several of my school counselors suggested if I were to have a computer at home, similar to what the school and business use, I could work at my own speed and pace and I would more likely be able to retain what was taught in class. As well as learn how to use and incorporate programs into a business environment someday.

In the past everything I ever received I had worked for; but now my disabilities prevent me from working. One day I still hope to be able to return to work. It is has been very difficult for me to ask others, but my counselors suggested I write public companies such as yours for help.

If someone within your company can help me, or if you know of someone that has a computer, or typewriter, they no longer need, I would appreciate you referring me for disposal of their equipment. I can use software too, since many of the programs I have are out of date.

I can enclose a statement from Veteran Affairs verifying my disabilities if needed


Stan Bown
P O Box 271542
Las Vegas, NV 89127-1542
(702) 592-6587
E-mail: KA7UJX@hotmail.com

**** I would hope that someone will reply, even if you cannot help ***

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

May Star


I want to thank you for an Exxxxelent site.

//Per Bering

Thanks for the education

I just got thru reading your whole presentation and I have learned so much. I still have many more questions but now I've an idea how to ask. Thanks so much.

Steve, USA, Oregon, Corvallis

22.10.01 You are the best

Thank you for your web site I have learnt so much.


Enjoying your Website! Fantastic reading!

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your material for a college class I am taking.

For a true beginner, I was amazed at how much I truly understood and retained. Now I can understand what others are speaking about when I have to communicate in computer language!

Thank you for making this available to people like me!

Best regards,

Barbara Knabe, Petaluma, California, USA

Thanks from Michael McKenzie

Thank you for a great site.


18.10.01 Very Good Site -

Came across your site by chance and I am very gladd I did. Your site has everthing I need to help in my job and school; I'll make sure my co-workers and classmates know about your site.

Frank in San Diego, Ca


We are very greatful to all you Johnesses who put up this site. It has been very useful to us in what ever level of knowledge in computers. Please accept our sincere thanks and wishing you put up more in time to come.

Danilo de jesus, Filipino residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Your quest have said it all!

You have done a great job in all aspects of P.C. information.

Thank you, ESP Wagar Toronto,Canada

15.10.01 Thank YOU -

This site has helped me understand how the different layers of hardware interact with the mother board & also how the components of the mother board interact with each other.

Very helpful in understanding my antiquated 75 MHz bus. I hope you continue this site. Thanks again

Rick U.S.A.

Fucking hell!!!!!

I used to be a fat disgusting slob, and then i learn visited this web site and it really turnd my life around 24/7

Matt, England

13.10.01 Great site and great effort

I saw you website completely and I found it very informative for beginners and experts. This is very good effort I really appreciate this effort.

Muhammad Akbar

Excellent web!

It's really wonderful web that give good service. I really like it. It's really useful for us. Thanks for giving chance to use.

Shasan, UK.

Keep up the good work Michael

Nicely done Michael!


Great Collection...

Hi, I am Manish from India.

I am planning to buy a PC very soon and was looking for PC toturials Luckily I came across this site and I'm deeply impressed by it. It's a complete guide, yet so simply written...

Now, I feel like finishing the entire guide before purchasing the PC. Thanks a lot.

From poor but grateful student

Much gratitude for all your hard work to provide this information. I have very low income and therefor cannot afford subscption fee, but I click the banners as often as I can. Thank you for this invaluable resource.

Poor Student

It's fantastic web page about hardware. It's updated and it has everything i need!

Bye, Grof Aty

10.10.01 Buena Página!!

Good help!!!

Thanks, i'll be back to find more information!!

Richard Clark, Venezuela


Thanks for the hardware information

it is easy to read and work i will tell about it and get more information.


Fabulous material

Just stumbled on yo your website, and think it is great. I am currently persueing my stydies in A+ and this info will help tremendously. Thanks to all involved,

M. Van Horssen, Australia.

I really enjoy your website. I learned a lot on it.

Nancy Sanders


Your site is truly helpful for computer enthusiasts.


Manila, Ph

07.10.01 Big Up to this site !!!

Very good site for students all around the world.

Thank You very much !!!

Glenn, the Netherlands

Really great!

Your work is really great!

I learnt many things about hardware which I've always wanted to know about. Thank you for providing really good information.

Sangwoon, South Korea.

You have the greatest site

You have a great site for the IT professional and hobbiest, but why is it when something works man always feels the need to change it? Your old format was great! The new one is not as good. Why would you think it needed a change?

stg94@optonline.net USA

Wow! Your web-site is fantastic!

I love your site!

Best Wishes, Rob

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