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October 4 th 2001

It's really great! I'm really glad to know about your web. Thank very much for your help for giving chance to learn in a easy way from you web site.

Shasan Rakshit. UK.

04-10-2001 Very informative.....

found your website from "ask jeeves". very helpful in giving out the basics of computer components. just started working on my MSCE and this website has really brought all my readings and study together.

thanks. dave mendoza, USA

thanks for the info I stumbled on your site through a search engine, now it`s bookmarked. What an informative site, thanks lads.

Mike power, United kingdom


Hi I am puthiyaval. I have read your pc's guide. I think it is very useful to me. So more thanks for your study guide.

My Name :Puthiyaval
Country :India.

Conrajulations for you best growth.

great site !

Finally the information I was looking for !
Never stop !


Great site



Awesome site with lots of information, very well composed

- Lou Canada

01.10.01 Mr. Karbo

I just wanted to compliment you on the beautiful interior shot in the Photoshop section.Every time I travel to the U.K. I spend hours trying to capture the interiors of the many cathedrales and churches with varying success. You have done a marvelous job with the shot Ive mentioned. Thanks for the informative site.

D'Arcy McCannel Vancouver,BC, Canada

I can speak English a little.

But I learned very much your site.

Thank you for all...

Thank you

thank you very mach, you web site is very help full for me. pl write about computer network.

Good job and Thank you

Your site has been my companion for several years...Thank you!

Greetings from Brazil!

Just what I needed!

Thanks for an easy to use site. You answered my question on CPUs very quickly. You've been bookmarked!

Karen, Canada

Michael I just happened to be doing research on ultra-DMA. The info you provide is just what I needed


I am currently studying to obtain a CompTIA A+ rating. I would like to pass on to Michael Karbo that his guide has by far more than any publication enabled me to "see the forest above the trees." As a beginning student of computers I have been emersed in a sea of anncronyms(spelling?), and his work has enabled me to see how they all relate together.

Thanks again, Sincerely Dean Schweinler

FANTASTIC, This is one of the most informative website I have encountered. Thank you so much for all the work you must put into it and for allowing us to view and learn from it. Keep us the wonderful work!!

Carmen, Miami, Fl

Dear Author, I want to use your excellent Web-Site in school.


Dr. Norbert Hartmann, Lehrer für IT-Berufe Leo-Von-Klenze-Schule, Staatliche Berufsschule II Ingolstadt

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