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Everthing u need 2 know!! I really liked this site cos it gives a lot and a lot of useful information. I really appreciated this piece of work. Kepp up the good work

Neville Borg
Malta (Europe)

Thanks once again for a very illustrative and informative website.
Warmest regards,

You are very Helpful

Thanks you for your very helpful informative site I have learned a lot. Could I make a small request for a bit less "White Spaces" so we do not use so much paper when we copy your work. Once again Thank You keep up the good work Alfred.
Alfred Heath, England

I enjoyed reading the valuable information your site has to offer.

Enjoyed the tips on windows liked the site
Jaffa England

Fantastic site for PC knowledge
I came across your URL in a PC magazine. After surfing your website, I'm learning and enhancing my PC knowledge. Keep up the good work and kudos to all those helping to maintain this excellent site!

08.09.01 Information plus !!! Your site is fantastic , a lot of interesting facts and data , great effort!

Tyler, US

An Engineer thanks you

This is a very informative and well organized web site. I needed some specific information about PCs, and I found it in minutes. Hats off to you.

Tom, USA

Great Site

Thank you for this excellent site.
Mohamed Maslouhi , Morocco

06.09.01 You Saved The Day

I am new to a computer course and was feeling overwhelmed. I happened upon your site while searching for resources. Your resources saved my day. Your information took what had been so overwhelming and laid it out in such a way that it all made sense. You can count on me sharing your site with many of my classmates that are feeling as "lost in the dark" as I was.

Thank you again. Have you considered publishing this into a hard copy training manual that could augment your on-line classes? I hope to be certified soon and feel your methods of presentation are fantastic and would be a terrific cirriculum for any class.

Thank you again, Pam Veelle

05.09.01 Awesome web site!

This website is helping me keep my 4.0 in school, where I am studying Computer Network Technology. This is better than my instructors. Yay for you!

Its about Time!

Man someone needs an emmy award! Please don't stop now, you are seen and appriciated as well as needed.

Kelly Womack from America


S.D. Hemmes

Hi! Thanks a lot for giving so much informations about the pc's.

You are Great Sir. Thanks a lot Sudeesh.

29.08.01 Very clear and lucid

Peter S (Canada)

What a site!! Thank you sir for such a nice web gift. I will return & look for updates time to time. I was looking for power supply units and printers & scanners but couldnt find there. Anyway thanks again for a rich presentation.
Parvez Ashraf

I was doing a search for hardware information, and was able to find your website. I could not believe how easy to understand it is. I am currently taking the A+ course, and could not understand the book for nothing. Thanks for helping me.

Claudia Safarz, USA

Very nice!

I have sent your site to my family members also. Very informative. And I am using one of your photos as wallpaper.
Jolene / Memphis, TN / USA

Its a great site
Its a very useful site. I loved it

Vijay Mirchandani

I wish to first of all congratulate you for the good job you did in making this sight available especially for students like us.

Your sincerely;

Keine Korrektur!
Hallo! Eine äußerst informative Seite, super!
Grüße aus Wien
Ingrid Huber
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