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18.08.01 I love your site!
Clear concise articles with visual aids, no less. This site is being bookmarked, and I will be back! Thanks again
John, USA

18.08.01 A greating
G'day. Your english is better than my danish !!!! . The site though is really good,
I was looking for information about pci slots and picked up a link from a U.S. uni. You are informative without being too tech. I suppose I should sign off "bewdy mate".
Tim Australia
P.S my parents live in a small town called Denmark in West Aust.

16.08.01 Great site,
I'm studying for A+ exam, and this is a most excellent resource.
A.Chalkley London, England.

15.08.01 East or west this guide is the best " UNBELIEVABLE GUIDE"
This is the wonderfull site for hardware materials. Thanks a lot,lot,lot,lot .......

14.08.01 Mabuhay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to you Sir, i'm justin of the Phillipines. This site is very interesting for me coz i worked here in one of the internet cafe here in our city, everytime if i have some difficulties about pc troubleshooting, i just visit ur site and all of the topics i want to know are all here.
So thank you very much for a wonderfull site!
By the way, i got ur website in one of our local shows here!!!!!!!

13.08.01 A+
Ali Shah, Pakistan

13.08.01 Salute You
I guess there's nothing as complete as this... 10 out of 10 i give!!!

Hey dude, I stumbled across your site looking for somwhere where I could find a motherboard archive so I could find out about overclocking etc... on my motherboard. yours is a top site!
bye - peon

10.08.01 This a great site
This a great site, I think you have done a great job with the outline and structure...
Matt C USA

10.08.01 New look
- looks great!!!

10.08.01 Dear Mr. Karbo,
Please could you provide some popular IT / PC magazines particularly about CPU overclocking.
Many many thanks for your help!
Yours sincerely,
Sharon, Holland

MK: Try MaximumPC, it's a great magazine!

10.08.01 thanks
I really don't know how i say thanks to u, this site help me so much and the study of this site i gave my exams of hardware and i make 69 marks out of 75.

Ali Amiri,Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

09.08.01 I'm REALLY REALLY IMPRESSED what a great site, I've started 2 read ALL of it (currently in module4c1), I'm really learning A LOT from this site...
U did an EXCELLENT work, just the BEST!!!
Thanx 4 all the info ur givin it's really really helpin me...
Assaf Nivbr Israel

08.08.01 Excellent and Outstanding Website
A Complete, no-holds-barred site offers every little physical and technical detail we need to know from our CPU to our sound cards to our CD-ROM. With its comprehensive and easy-to-understand friendly language, it takes on a new meaning.

You have given a wonderful description of how the sound card works!
M Hirons

07.08.01 You are a lifesaver!
I needed information before a job interview, and found everything I needed to know right here!
Thank you!
Tobin Mienke, Dallas, TX. USA

06.08.01 Outstanding Site
My name is Ed and I live in Gilbert AZ, (a couple miles from Phoenix). This is one of the best sites I have viewed even for a dummy like me.

06.08.01 My thanks
It is excellent. I highly appricate your effort.
Moha Jayaweera, Sri Lanka

06.08.01 Simply Great!!
I have been visiting your site since more than 1/2 a year ago. It was great, and now it's even better. The info is easy to understand, yet it's comprehensive. I love it. Well done, keep it up and thank you for bringing us this wonderful site!

06.08.01 What a helpful site...
I just heard this site when I'm watching T.V. Truly this site is very helpful and I learned a lot of things and I understand those terms that's not quite familiar to me..
Thanks and more power.. from: My, Philippines

05.08.01 Hi,
I'm 17 yrs old and wish to learn a bit about the computer. I find your guide extremly helpful!
Thanks, Yoel Davidson.

05.08.01 The Best site for easy understanding of PC
Thanks for your devotion. This is the best site even I've seen. This is the site what I am looking for. I hope you keep this site forever..
Thanks again..
Paul Park from CA, USA

04.08.01 Hi
I reallly like your site. I am an IT wnna-be. A couple years schooling, a lot of on time, and looking for a job.

04.08.01 Hey
this site is really cool. its detailed and easy to understand. looks like you taken a lot of time to update it too. happy i came across it.
-laajala, u.s.a.

03.08.01 Hello Michael
This is a greatest website i have seen. It's give me alot info that i can;t find from the books. I'll always here to learn something new from you.

Im an instructor in computer hardware and i always encourage my students to visit your site. I find it interesing to study current products in the PC market....more power
Ronald Tantiado, Philippines

02.08.01 Salute to you
Dear Prof. Michael Karbo,

I salute you for your distinguished contribution in the form of your site and this your contribution will be remembered in the history of the education. I am teaching to BCS and MCS students the subject "computer system architecture" in a university with the name of ILM (institute of Leadership and Management) Lahore-Paksitan on part time basis since last four years.

I am available for any kind of help or assistance you need from Pakistan.
Best regards,
Lahore Pakistan

01.08.01 Super perfect!
Hi, I recently came across the website looking to get some information on COM ports. I was stunned by the way the computer stuff was made simple for layman like me.
Thanks for that.
Balaji, India

01.08.01 Dear great team
Its a great and brilliant informative site, in which every topic is hidden. Great appreciation.
Muhammad Tariq Alvi

01.08.01 Unbelievable
Came in search of cd/dvd information-stayed for the rest your web site is truly something.

01.08.01 mhammand Baf
Yemen - Hadramout

31.07.01 Everything you need to know ...
All I can say is Wow!!! It is rare that we find such an all inclusive site with such great detail in an understabndable format. I job very well done!!
Andrew - Nova Scotia Canada

31.07.01 BEST!!
Man, this is the best site i've ever seen.its the best and most complete source on info. i've found on the web...
Erick, DR

26.07.00 Sir
Thank you for your comprehensive website which I have viewed with interest.
Best regards

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