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Great site! Everything is so detailed and easy-to-understand.

25.07.01 Hi,
I visited your site, www.mkdata.dk today and really like it.
Regards, Daniel Sanderson

First I must say that the site is brilliant. Many thanks and once again great site it's top of my book marks.
MrPresident, uk

Great site, very informative...

17.07.01 Dear Sir,
I would like to thanks to you at first for such a valuable site. Your website is very helpful of all those who are interested in Computer Hardware.
Sincerely Yours
Enamul kabir, Bangladesh

15.07.01 Hi!
I'm taking a class and this site has been very useful to me.

I love you web site. Lots of great information for a beginner like me. Thanks a bunch.

Dear Sir,
I am a frequent visitor to your site especially after I decided to assemble a system for my own use. The site is really excellent. It provided me with lot of information that I never knew.
Thanking you.
Best regards,

10.07.01 Hallo,
ich danke für die gefundenen Informationen.
Viele gruesse
Juergen Nowak

10.07.01 Sir,
Your website is the most comprehensive site I have ever seen dealing with computer hardware/software.
Thank You,
Mark Gutierrez

09.07.01 Hello. I enjoy reading your material.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of information.
Mark Scott

06.07.01, Hi!
I read your books. I don't know who are you and where are you from. But I like you and your books very much.
Iva, Bulgaria

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