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HI!I am a girl from Bulgaria! I read several times your books about " Internet" and" Windows". They are wonderful. !!!!!!!

Hi there,
Good day to you. My friend recommended your site to me very recently and I've found it to be extremely useful to me.
Ken Wu

Brilliant, well laid out. Not too complicated for the layperson.
Just need time to read through it.

Q: I teach in a low income vocational education public school which is primarily for foreign refugees. I am in Sacramento, California, USA. I use Office 2000 Essentials Course from Labyrinth Publications www.labyrinth-pub.com/books/off2000_ess/index.htm to teach student office skills with which they can gain employment here in the United States. This book is designed so that students can work at their own pace, and I can act as facilitator. I would like to teach some hardware repair type classes and think what I found on your website would be easy for students to learn. Do you,or will you consider publishing this in paperback? Would this work as a self-paced course as described above?
Bob Mabrey

A: As mentioned before we have no US publisher (but are published in 18 European countries).

23.6.2001. To put it simple, a GREAT SITE. I would recommend to all my friends. People who think they really know their PC can learn new things from this place. Now if you can only write a section on "new math" so we can better understand how to convert assembly code to ACSCII, I am a happy man!
Eng. Ali Al-kashif
Cairo, Egypt

Hi, there,
I visited your 'click and learn' page, it is a good one. Thanks a lot.
Qiang Li
Department of Physics
University of Alberta

Congratulations, your have been recommended to the National Biographical Foundation for inclusion in the 2002 edition of the America's Top One Thousand. Http://www.nationalBios.org

Michael N. Mathews
Managing Editor

June 17, 2001

Thank you for making such a nice site


Pavlo Ozeruga

Site du Jour of the Day (010614)
June 14, 2001

For a lot of people computers only consist of four parts no more, no less. The keyboard, monitor, mouse, and that big box sitting off to the side. For others, the machine is never optimized. There's always something that could be better or added to improve things. Learning what the individual components do can take years of trial and error, and with the rate of change in the computer industry it's a never ending quest. Michael B. Karbo's A complete illustrated Guide to the PC can help. Definitions given and interactions explained, photographs accompany articles covering everything from 3D graphics to the Iomega Zip drive. Safer than taking apart your own machine, running the risk of voiding a warranty or doing something bad, this tutorial may serve as the perfect introduction to how computers work or help fill in the spaces for those who already have a basic understanding. There are fancier sites but they tend to lack real life details. A nice reference site this one is.

Edward J. Pelegrino

12 June 2001
Your guides

Hi ! I just discovered your excellent PC-technology guides ! A really informative piece of work , bravo !

Congrat's again and thank you

Stephane Roth

11 June 2001

This is a top class resource

Mark Fielding


most of all you explained things easily & consistantly and I am appled by your awesome works.

i guess it may takes me 6 months to master all your stuffs

good job!! thanks

from s. Korea

Hi Mr. Karbo!

I find the information on your website very useful and informative. Would be visiting over and over again.

Kusuma Kadambari

8 june 2001
Dear Michael B Karbo

Thanks you very much for your web site Click&Learn.; I have learnt lot of information from it.

Q: I have assembled a computer. I am using IBM Deskstar GXP model 30GB hard drive. The OS is Windows 98. If I face any problem caused by bad drivers or any other reasons, I formatt the hard drive and reinstall all the software. My question is, how many times, we can format a hard drive. Is formatting a hard drive going to reduce the life time of the drive? Does reinstalling Windows and other software affect the durability od the hard drive.

Yours faithfully

A: Formatting should not harm the drive from our experiences. But no need to do it every week ...

3 june 2001

I just came upon your site while doing a search for details of Ultra DMA for an assessment I have at college where I am studying computing. This site holds ALL and more of the information which my college books have and you explain it much better. I can now explain in my assessment some of the things I knew about but didn't really know how to describe. I have learned a lot and will return again and again.

Thank you
Engineer Ali Al_kashif

1 June 2001

Your Web site (http://www.karbosguide.com/) was selected as a Hot Site in today's edition of USATODAY.com a free and highly popular news service on the World Wide Web.


Again, congrats on a hot site.

Sam Meddis
Technology Editor


I have been reading your material at your website www.karbosguide.com. I have found them very useful. I have two questions.

1. How do I get Windows 98 -Short Course ?

2. Do you have any materials on Windows 2000 ?

Otherwise thanks for what you have at this website Best Regards, Alex, Kenya

Our answer is that the booklets only are aviable in Europe. So sorry!


I was brousing through the internet wanting to know more about DVD drives. The first items the search engine brought up was stuff for sale. I was so relieved when I found your site on the list. Thank you. I have added you to my list of favorites. What a wonderful encyclopedia/dictionary(?). Very truly yours from the mountains of Colorado, U.S.A.

MEP MORTON - High Valley Ranch, Morrison, CO

To Mr Michael B. Karbo

I'm so greatfull for such great effort for such high valuable book. Many thanks.

Hoping all my best wishes

Eng. Ali Mahmoud
Egypt - Cairo

Great page, I teach computers and networking. Lots of good information, accurate and up to date. Keep up the great work.

James Knght


I will like to congratulate you for such a fine Web site you have. When I studied A+, your site was of great help. I have not seen a site such as yours, so educational and with up-dated information for people that want to learn about computers. I'm a rookie in this business, and when I need to refresh my mind, I'll always go to your site. With people like you in this world, we give lots of Thanks to God!

God Bless,

Melvin Ruiz
P. S.: I wish my "English" was as good as yours, I hope you understand my humble message! And I have some material that might be of help to others, if you like, please tell me and I'll be more than happy to share!

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