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This is a GREAT website - thank you very much
Nancy Reid
South Africa
20. maj 2001 14:53

I really like the site " illustrated guide to the pc hardware".
thanks a lot.
richard e. page
18. maj 2001 22:14

Dear Mike
greetings from türkiye
I have been in computers for the last 32 years and , i havent come across such precise,knowledgable and entertaining expose on pc's (having been a multiuser systems/ unix/ oracle guy for a long time) . you are performing a very valuable and erstwhile service to the commnity at large,and i find i appaling that no publisher has expressed interest in your material.
I wish you the best of british luck in your future endeavours
ahmet krom
18. maj 2001 14:58

I would like to say I really love this www so much it very useful and easy to learn thank to master who make this website!
Thank you very much
Rungroj Th.
18. maj 2001 05:42

I was surfing the Internet and came across your website and I am so glad I found yours. It was very informative. I made a few changes on my computer e.g. the DMA and so far I've noticed a big difference in the performance of my computer. I was amazed that Windows 98 had the fax program in there from the Old Win95, so I've added that too. Again, your site is great and information is exactly what myself and friends have been looking for. I've recommended your site to a number of my friends who use the internet.
Thank you. Deb H.(cdnmint@aol.com)
17. maj 2001

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a GREAT site.
I have folks that ask me where to find things all the time and I put together a simple site for them to use with groups of typically asked for items.
If you do not mind, I have provided a link on my site to yours.
My site address with your link is:
http://www.razoodle.net/burrow/technical/computers.html Enjoy
Ray E. Knecht
16. maj 2001 14:58

Dear Michael,
I really appreciate your website for its informative content on PC hardware.
Thanks again for your providing this valuable resouce on the internet.
Joe Olson
15. maj 2001 17:46

Dear sir,
I would like to thank you for the effort that you have taken to educate people like us.I am a person who just started to learn about computers and I find every thing what i need to know in this click & learn site. If you are having some sort of mental satisfaction by helping people to learn.
The only thing that i can wish for you is a very healthy long life for you. You are a need of the era. When the whole world is commercialized, you should be proud about your self that you have kept the money at the bay.Again i wish you all the happiness in your life and good health for many years to come because that is the only thing that i can do. I don't have money to send you. Hope you understand. I am a poor boy.
Thank you and good luck.
Pervin Senarathne
13. maj 2001

I enjoyed your website.
Karen Palmer, Fallon Minneapolis
13. maj 2001

Hi Michael,
Very impressive site. I appreciate any insight you may have.
Dana Lundy
13. maj 2001

Super Site!
Hi! Great site - lotta information!!! Thanks Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Widmann
13th of May 2001

I just want to thank you!! ^^;
I'm studying computer with your web sites. Actually I'm working in the cyber cafe, which has many computers so that people come here and serf Internet...
Working in the cyber cafe was pretty boring, as you know. What i'm doing is just standing at the counter. So I was looking for something interesting, and also I've been interested in computer. My major is electric engineering, which is deeply related to the computer hardware. I'm just Freshman, though.
Anyway thanks for your 'great and excellent' websites. I wish that your website would last forever for other people like me.
Cho Yong Ho
5. maj 2001 23:11

Your Click & Learn site
Hello! My husband sent your site for me to read and learn just about anything about computer. I started reading it and just love it! I have been looking for this kind of computer site, very comprehensive but yet technical enough and did not find it at all until my husband sent your site to me. I want to take a Win2K Pro exam but since I am totally new to the industry(I used to teach Japanese. Incidentally I have a degree in linguistics, too. I read your profile obviously.), I really needed to start from scratch. Your site is just perfect! Thanks so much and good luck!
4th of May 2001

Thank you for this Guide it has been a life saver as a reference to pc hardware.
Jose Alvarez (ex-novice),
1. maj 2001 23:49

GREAT SITE--Thank You!
Elaine Owen (I'm a tech writer)
1th of May 2001

I was given your site by an article in TechRepublic. I'm checking out your lessons for my novice friends and find them most interesting and well written.
Thanks for all your work. Your English is really quite good and the British variant is not that distracting to us here in the US.
Tony Colle, IBM Certified VisualAge for Smalltalk Developer
1th of May 2001

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