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30. april 2001 04:53
Very informative site. Thank you.

Larry Walther

I really like your site. I have found it informative and sophisticated.
Aloha, Andy Peahi-Konopka
27. april 10:50

Hello Michael,
My name is Edward and I have been in the IT industry since early 1994. I really enjoy your website.
Thank you, Edward Sarabia
27. april 2001 10:15

I would like to say I have found your site very useful as I am studying IT at university and there has been some useful information on your site for one of my assignments.
Thank you, Nikki
27. april 2001 10:05

Your website is absolutely fantastic. So much well written information. I always recommend your site if people want PC information. Regards..
Mike Allan
22. april 2001 15:17

Thanks a lot for providing valuable info on the net...
thanking u, joshila
15. april 2001 16:56

Do you sell a book that contains the information on the click and learn website (that's in english)? It is a very informative site from what i've seen but would rather have it in paperback or softback bookform. Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you, George, RAF Technical Services
14. april 2001 19:24

Karbo answers: We are sorry, but no publisher has been interested in our material. It's only on the web

Greetings from Bulgaria
Hi !
My name is Nick and I am a PC assembler in my small PC shop. I want to send greetings to you about the information stored in your site. This site is a perfect place to remember some forgotten thinks from PC's and learn some details and news. I wish you all the best and I promisse to be very active visitor of your site.
With my best regards! Nick
8.april 2001 13:49

I just wanted to thank you for providing such a technical yet simple guide. I have just begun a PC-Engineer course and I wish the people that supply my course provided material as straight forward and as informative as your site.
Thanks again and I'll be sure to click on your site banners.
Steve Eyles (in the UK)
3. april 2001 09:40

Just emailing to say, I like your site. I once came upon quickly and bookmarked it. Now I've some time and came back to take a better look. I can actually understand what your talking about, oh, don't ever lose the diagrams, their one of the best features.
Micheal F
27. marts 2001 10:31

Dear Sirs,
Thank you very much for maintaining one of the best pages regarding hardware information that I have ever seen. It is very helpful.
Best regards, Gary M. Sever, Accounting Manager, Marcegaglia USA, Inc.
10. marts 2001 11:39

Hi Michael B. Karbo
Thabk u sos so much for ur grat site , u did a great effort . THANKssssssss
Im Tarek of Egypt, bye
7. marts 2001 18:22

I just wanted to tell you that you have an excellent site not only for those in the novice areas of learning but for ones who have been in the field for years. Most informative site I have visited. Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide it.
Marcus Pizarro, Systems Administrator, Johnson Rubber Co.
7. marts 2001 00:52

For the last few weeks after coming across your site (www.mkdata.dk) I have been reading its contents for minutes on end. It is great to see such an informative site, one that is also updated. I find the way you present your information very clear and easy to understand. Probably the most complete site I have ever seen, one that I always enjoy reading. I have a shortcut on my dekstop straight to it now!
Steven Jones (Holyhead, North Wales, UK)
Bsc Multimedia Computing Year 2 (North East Wales Institute, Wrexham, North Wales, UK)
6. marts 2001 09:03

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