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Michael Karbo
I just came upon your site while doing a search for details of Ultra DMA for an assessment I have at college where I am studying computing. This site holds ALL and more of the information which my college books have and you explain it much better. I can now explain in my assessment some of the things I knew about but didn't really know how to describe. I have learned a lot and will return again and again.
Thank you
6. marts 2001 08:35

Thanks for a great web page. It's clearly written, yet very informative. Good Job.
24. februar 2001 16:51

I simply wanted to express my appreication for this site. I have found it informative and interresting all in all. I have taken the time to click about as many banners on your page as pages. Ive read to show my support.
Keep up the good work, hope you do well with this site.
Doug Day
18.februar 2001 21;42

This is the best and easiest technical reading ever seen! Congratulations!!!
Monique Gunnheim
10.februar 2001 20.29

Respected sir.
Thank you very much for the efforts made to make this book it helps a lot to learners.
8. februar 2001 12:35

I'm an adult student in Canada, just at the beginning of a computer science program through the University of Athabasca, distance education. I'm researching for a course assignment and have found your site very informative.
Thanks! I also enjoyed your bio..............you've been a busy man! Married, with two children myself, and I know how busy one can be :^)
I'll be bookmarking your site for future reference and, of course, giving you (and your site) appropriate credit in my assignment.
JoAnne Formanek Gustafson
7. februar 2001 06:52

Awesome web site, keep up the great work!
Richard J Prowse
Advanced Systems Group Manager - Industrial
Dell Computer Corporation
30. januar 2001 21:21

I want to thank you for generously donating your time to create your most informative web page...it has been a big help.
29. januar 2001 05:51

Hi Mike,
First, I would like to thank you very much for kindly taking your time to create such a very useful and helpful Website. I was clueless with computer and after reading your very clear explainmiation regard to computer I have a good knowlege of how computer internally work. Now I am ready to start assembly my first computer and beginning to experience on UNIX, JAVA, and C++. Again, thank you very much for your wonderful Website.
Wish you best.
Regards, Hung Low
1. januar 2001 13:20

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