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    Chapter 24. File synchronizing

    If you have the same data in both a laptop computer and a stationary computer, then you might need to synchronise the data between the two computers. You can do this with a smart little shareware program Folder Synchronization, which can also be recommended if you are so unfortunate that you cannot use XCOPY commands.

    Folder Synchronization

    The aim of synchronization is that you can work with some of your data on the one computer and some on the other computer. The synchronization keeps both computers up to date so that they have an identical collection of documents and other user data.

    When synchronizing folders in two computers, the folders on the two computers should be compared. A list is created of the files, which are found in newer versions on one of the computers.

    The synchronization itself consists of copying the newest versions of the files from the laptop's hard disk to the stationary computer and the reverse. It's all done in one operation.

    At the address you can download the program Folder Synchronization, which costs $15 to register at. It is a small tool with a very simple interface. You just have to state, which two folders are to be synchronized.

    In the example below the documents are synchronized on the computer's D drive with a backup folder on the other computer in the network. When I click on the button Sync, the program starts by comparing the contents of both of the folders:

    After a while you will receive a report on the differences between the two folders. Here below there are 67 files on the D drive and there are 53 files, which are found in older versions. They will all be copied from the D drive. In the network computer's folder there are eight files, which are not to be found on the D drive. All this can be seen in the report:

    If some of the files shouldn't be copied for one reason or another then they can be cancelled:

    Then you just have to start the copying:

    Figure 118. The little shareware program Folder Synchronization is synchronizing folders from two computers.

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