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    Chapter 18. Antivirus

    Virus is an enormous problem especially when you have it in your computer. This is why you have to have an antivirus program installed in your computer. Many, myself included have, however, had a bad experience with these programs.

    Some security programs can be extremely annoying. They can obstruct all sorts of things. Boxes keep appearing, which have to dealt with. You can even risk having a computer, which doesn't work at all ? I have tried this myself in connection with one of the big commercial security program packages. So it is important I think to find security software, which works and which is easy to use. What would be best would be that the program runs in the background without us noticing it.


    The first program I would like to recommend is from the Japanese software house Trend Micro.

    Figure 95. Fom Trend Micro's Danish homepage.

    Trend Micro is one of the biggest manufacturer's of antivirus software. The company started, in fact, by developing big enterprise solutions, i.e. software, which protects networks in the really big companies.
    Since then smaller, more personal versions of their security software have been introduced on the market.

    PC-cillin is known for being at the same time both exceptionally effective and very discreet. You don't usually notice the program very much. Except when it has captured a virus infected e-mail:

    I have myself used an older version (PC-Cillin 2002), which came free of charge with a CD-ROM for a motherboard. The program has run without problems since and it is daily updated with new virus definitions. Since then Trend Micro has developed the more effective version called "PC-cillin Internet Security". You can buy it on the Internet with permanent daily updates for a couple of hundred kroner a year (see the address You get protection from virus and spyware here plus a personal firewall (see Figure 99) for the same money.

    Free of charge

    There are also programs free of charge, which give virus protection. AVG is a Czech program, which can be downloaded from This program's display is not particularly elegant but it is effective and absolutely usable.

    You are registered with an e-mail address at AVG, which activates the program and you will receive a code that has to be typed in. When the program is installed, you should go to the Internet immediately so that you can download the latest database with virus definitions.

    Figure 96. Effective virus protection free of charge.

    File scanning

    Antivirus programs work on several fronts. Partly because they constantly scan your computer's memory to see if a known virus is to be found. In the same way all incoming and outgoing e-mails are scanned. But it is, in fact, just as important to let the program daily scan the hard disk.

    The program AVG has a Scheduler, which you program yourself to, for example, run a complete scanning every day at 12.00 noon. You just have to remember that a scanning can easily take an hour or so if there are many files on the hard disk. While the scanning is running there are a lot of activities on the hard disk, which will probably work a little slower than they usually do.

    Figure 97.The program AVG is scanning the hard disk for virus infected files. The process is slow but should preferably be done every day.

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