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    Chapter 12. Folder Cache - a nice utility

    Folder Cache is a brilliant little help program. It is, in fact, produced in Russia and can be purchased for $20 on the net, see the address Folder Cache is absolutely worth its price. I use it myself all the time. And it is in Danish too!

    Working with lots of documents and many folders wastes a lot of time with all the clicking through folder hierarchies trying to find exactly the right file. This can be greatly reduced with Folder Cache. Because Folder Cache provides you with shortcuts to the most used folders. The shortcuts are found in all the dialog boxes Open, Save, Save as, etc., regardless of the program you are working with.

    Figure 69. Folder Cache has rather a lot of setting options but you needn't worry about that. It just works. And yu find it in many languages - it does not have to be Danish ...

    Two ways to the folders

  • Folder Cache is installed in two ways:

  • In all the dialog boxes Open and Save, etc.

  • In the message area in the taskbar.

    In the little overfilled message area in Windows' taskbar there is a not particularly beautifully designed little button/icon:

    When you click on it you get a menu where you can either select a shortcut to a cachet folder or add a new folder to your list of favourite folders. The program keeps an eye on the folders you use so they are automatically displayed at the top of the menu.

    What is very clever with Folder Cache is that the same button appears in the dialog boxes Open and Save. Whatever program you are using, you have access to all the shortcuts via this little button which is always visible:

    Folder Cache is a modest little program, which doesn't make too much of itself. But you can save yourself scores of mouse clicks everyday and this can quickly become indispensable.

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