Beginners Guide to Windows XP

- a book by Michael Karbo.

This work is protected by copyright. It has been published in many European countries but never in English language. Therefore I desided to upload it to the Internet. It is free to use as it is for personal, non-commercial use. All rights belong to Michael Karbo. You may not in any way copy the contents.

These web pages have been produced from a Microsoft Word file. Hence the design, which could be a lot better. The translation is not perfect, neither. You'll have to live with it as it is. However, you can learn to use Windows XP, going through my exercises, thousands have already done so.

  • Preface and Introduction.
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Windows XP.
  • Chapter 2. Start Windows XP.
  • Chapter 3. Save a couple of documents.
  • Chapter 4. Adjust the taskbar.
  • Chapter 5. My Computer.
  • Chapter 6. Drives, files and Explorer.
  • Chapter 7. The Screen’s properties.
  • Chapter 8. Entertainment.
  • Chapter 9. My Documents folder.
  • Chapter 10. More exercises with files.
  • Chapter 11. More about files and data.
  • Chapter 12. Searches on the hard disk.
  • Chapter 13. About fonts.
  • Chapter 14. About images.
  • Chapter 15. About CD and DVD.
  • Chapter 16. New hardware.
  • Chapter 17. Images, sound and video.
  • Chapter 18. Disk cleanup.
  • Chapter 19. Harddisk maintenance.
  • Chapter 20. Backup copies.
  • Chapter 21. System restoration.

  • Please enjoy the 21 chapters, all highly illustrated ...
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    Copyright Michael Karbo and ELI Aps., Denmark, Europe.