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    Chapter 21. System restoration

    For a happy ending I will tell you a little about the System restoration function. When you have installed Windows XP, you have a large and kom­plicated network of programs, registries, drivers and much more on your pc. It is actually a small miracle that Windows works at all with so many program­ layers, which have to work together. But it does not always work; Windows XP can get unstable. Therefore it is well to know the System Restore tool, which if found in the program group System Tools.

    Use System­ Restore if you experience that your pc turns unstable. Those problems will typically occur when you have installed new hardware or new programs. In some situations that can cause problems for Windows. With the System­ Restore tool you can return to an earlier version of your system, which is then restored. That is possible because Windows continually saves ”current pictures” of your Windows-system. You can restore one of these ”system pictures”. Be aware that you can loose pro­grams that you have installed later than the time of restoration. You need to re-install them.

    Figure 95. System Restore can save a poorly working Windows installation.

    Update through the net

    The Windows XP program package is continually updated by Microsoft. You can share these improvements for free, as long as you have access to the Internet. The most important is to get the newest safety functions that Microsoft has developed. Those are small programms, which closes the ”gaps” in Windows XP, so it becomes more difficult for evil virus producers to enter your pc. You need to get them installed as soon as possible!

    Select ”Help and Support” in the start menu. Then click on ”Keep your computer up-to-date with Windows Update”. Then Windows Update opens, which is a home page at Microsoft. There you can learn which updates you can retrieve. It woks, and itis smart!

    Figure 96. Microsoft offers updates for the Windows XP program through the Internet.


    Now er are at the end of the road. I hope that you have benefited from this booklet, and that you can enjoy your Windows XP. If you want to learn more about working with the pc, I can recommend a number of other bookletS such as Internet, Picture processing and HTML – teach yourself. They all have lots of relevant stuff, written in the same format as here. Enjoy yourself and your work!

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