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    It is important that that you become acquainted and quite confident with Windows XP, which is a very comprehensive program. And that is just the purpose with this teach yourself booklet. So welcome.

    I think that most people who get involved with Windows XP are familiar with Windows 95, 98 or Windows Me. Therefore you are probably familar with the use of menus, tool bars, mouse etc. So contrary to earlier booklets I chose to gloss over the basic skills. But I still find it important to explain the thinking behind the design of a program like Windows XP.

    I will primarily cover those areas, which I think everyone needs to know to be proficient in the use of Windows’ various tools and possibillities. Especially in the file handling area there are still many users who lack sufficient knowledge – I can see that from the many questions I ongoing receive from readers.

    In this booklet I chose not to cover the more technical subjects like how to set up a network and Internet. But I dwell more on the very exciting multi­media programs Media Player and Movie Maker, since I believe that many people will enjoy those!

    The booklet is designed with a mixture of reviews and excercises. The excercises can be made by anyone with Windows XP on their pc, and they are (like in any of my booklets) very important for the review. Try them and you will understand!

    Web edition, August 2006, Michael Karbo

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