Video, DVD and digital sound

- a book by Michael Karbo.

This work is protected by copyright. It has been published in many European countries but never in English language. Therefore I desided to upload it to the Internet. It is free to use as it is for personal, non-commercial use. All rights belong to Michael Karbo. You may not in any way copy the contents.

These web pages have been produced from a Microsoft Word file. Hence the design, which could be better. The translation is not perfect, neither. You'll have to live with it as it is. The manuscript was written in 2002/2003, but it is still very useful.

  • Preface and Introduction.
  • Development of sound reproduction.
  • Frequency and sound waves.
  • Traditional loudspeakers.
  • Active sound units.
  • Digital sound.
  • Better quality than a CD.
  • Sound compression.
  • The MiniDisc.
  • More about mp3.
  • Surround sound.
  • About computer sound.
  • Creative Sound Blaster.
  • The construction of a sound card .
  • Taking a look at a sound card.
  • The ports.
  • Sound software.
  • Digital musicians.
  • Digital video.
  • Video on the computer.
  • Start with a webcam.
  • Analog video.
  • Grabber cards.
  • DV recordings.
  • Formats for film storage.
  • More about the codecs.
  • About DVD and video discs.
  • DVD - Video.
  • DVD-players.
  • Other digital equipment.
  • Technology.
  • About Windows.
  • A glossary.

  • Please enjoy the 32 chapters, all highly illustrated ...

    Copyright Michael Karbo and ELI Aps., Denmark, Europe.