Adobe Photoshop Tutorial. Copyright Michael B. Karbo.

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    Move the whole shebang

    You can easily place your drawing completely cockeyed. That can be handled with the move tool, but first you have to ”unlock the layer”. That is one of the peculiar conditions you have to get used to in Photoshop.

    1.   Select move tool by pressing v:

    2.   Point somewhere in the drawing, then try to drag it to one side. That does not work; you get an erro message:

    3.   Before you can move the figure, the layer has to be ”unlocked”. Seee the layer palette, which is shown below. Double click on the Background layer:

    4.   Now the layer gets unlocked, and with that you have to rename it (since the background layer is always locked). Photoshop suggests the name Layer 0, so click OK (or press Enter):

    5.   Now you can move the drawing. Try that; the mouse cursor changes appearance. Click on the flower and drag it further to the left in the picture. You drag the whole drawing. You will see a peculiar squared edge surrounding it:

    The squared area is empty; there is no color in that, but we will correct that shortly.

    6.   Choose the paint bucket tool. That is the sixth tool in the right column. If you click on that button and hold the mouse button down a second, a new box opens with two tools. Click on the Paint Bucket Tool:


    7.   The paint bucket tool uses the foregruund color. So select light blue for foreground color. You may just have to reverse the two active colors.

    8.   The Mouse cursor has now changed; click with the tool in the empty, squared area to ”pour” the color into that:

    9.   Reverse the fore- and background colors (with the x key). Then click again with the paint bucket in the same area. Now the whole area around the flower turns yellow! This is just to show that you need to be very observant as to which colors are selected for fore- and background.

    10.   Reverse the colors again, pour blue into the area. Then everything should be in place. You can also use the undo function.

    Fill – a round, yellow sun

    We think a flower picture needs a sun. You can draw a circle free hånd, but let Photoshop do it. You can do that by making a circle selection. Follow us here:

    1.   Click on the Marquee Tool and hold the mouse button down. There is more than one tool hidden below this button. Drag down to the ellipse and release the mouse button:

    2.   Now the Elliptical Marquee Tool has been selected and is thus active. Hold the Shift- key down while you draw – that forces the selection to become a circle.

    3.   Click somewhere in the picture, and make a suitable size circular selection. If you make a mistake, you just click in an empty area outside the selection and start over.

    4.   If the placement is wrong, you place the cursor inside the circle and drag it with the mouse to the right location in the picture:

    5.   Choose a clear yellow for foreground color with the Swatches palette. The sun needs to be yellow, so select Edit --> Fill:

    6.   Click OK and then press Control+d to remove the selection frame.

    7.   Save the drawing with Control+s.

    Gathering color

    It is rather important to be able to choose the same color that you have used before. Say that the two active colors are yellow and red, what do you do then if you need light blue again? And which of the light blue colors did you actually select for background color? Don’t worry about that, use the Eye Dropper tool (press i):

    1.   The mouse cursor becomes a small pipette, which can ”gather” the color.

    2.   Try that, and click with it in the light blue area:

    3.   Then the foreground color is light blue again.

    If you hold the Alt key down while you use the tool, the background color changes to the ”gathered” color. That is quite neat.

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