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    Chapter 16. The first links

    Now you are going to make a link where the code will look like this:

     <A HREF="#horde">See the horse</A>

    First a brief explanation: code consists partly of a text (”See the horse”) and partly of a reference. The reference is where the link will lead to. In our case it is the bookmark ”horse”.

    When the reference is a bookmark, that is specified with the # symbol, which is made by pressing Shift+3.

    1.   Use autotext hl2 (for hyperlink). That opens a dialog box, where you first enter #horse
    (remember the lower cases).

    2.   Then press Tab Tab to go to the field Link description. Enter this text: See the horse. Now it will look like this:

    3.   Click on OK or press Enter.

    4.   Press ArrowDown and lin1 plus a space to insert the next bullet.

    5.   Press the following sequence: hl2 space #goose  Tab  Tab  See a goose Enter.

    6.   We insert the last item: Press ArrowDown and lin1 plus a space.

    7.   Press hl2 #leopard Tab Tab A leopard Enter.

    8.   Save the document. Now the code should look like Figure 41.

    41. Three lines of code that contain three text links.

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