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    Chapter 15. Insert bookmarks

    Now you have made a quite neat small home page with three animal pictures. It works – or does it? You sure have to thumb up and down a lot in the page to see all the pictures.

    Then you would normally place some links in the top of the page to help the reader with the navigation. You are going to do that also:

    1.   You use bookmarks to link to defined positions on a page. Those are codes that can quickly be inserted: So place the cursor in the start of the line titled A horse (before the <H3> code).

    2.   Enter the auto text bm followed by a space.

    3.   That opens a dialog box where you enter a name for the bookmark. Type horse and Enter:

    4.   That inserts the code <A NAME="horse"></A>:


    5.   This code inserts a bookmark that you can link to (either from the same HTML document or from another). We will get to that.

    6.   Insert a horizontal line above the bookmark by pressing phr.

    7.   Now insert similarly the bookmark goose just above the heading A goose.

    8.   Then insert the bookmark leopard above the heading A leopard.

    9.   Save the document. You can test it in the browser but you can not see the bookmarks, since they are not linked yet.

    A list

    Now you are going to make a small list of contents on top of the animal page.

    1.   You have the HTML document animals.htm open in NoteTab. The Autotext library is active in the left window.

    2.   Place the cursor in the line under the top heading (H1), and enter the following:

    The contents: Enter  p (space).

    3.   That inserts a P code and the cursor goes to the next line.

    4.   Now you need to insert another line. The code is still <LI> (list item). You can enter the code manually or use the autotext:
    lin1 plus a space:

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