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    Chapter 3. Installation and preparation

    To do the exercises in this book you need to install a HTML editor, and you need to create some folders for all the files that you will working with. Let us do that now!

    Windows Explorer

    To work with home pages, it is valuable to know about file management. I recommend that you use Windows Explorer, which you always have available on your pc.

    1.   It is easiest to open explorer with the Windows key on you keyboard. Press Windows+e to open Explorer.

    2.   The Explorer is divided in two frames. In the left frame you see the drives (hard disks, CD-ROM etc.) that are on your pc, including various system folders. Select the C: drive:

    Here I show as it appears in my Windows, but it might look a little different on your pc.

    3.   You have selected the C: drive. Now select the menu item New à Folder:

    4.   The folder is created (at the button in the right frame), and now you need to enter the word HTML, which will be the name for this folder:

    5.   Finish with Enter.

    6.   Open the new folder (HTML) with a double click.

    7.   In the same way create the folders download, test and site1. The names must be copied precisely in lower case and without spaces.

    8.   Now you can see the subfolders for C:\HTML in the left frame of Explorer:

    9.   The folders are ready, and you can now retrieve the files and programs that you need to work with.

    NOTE: When you do the many exercises in this book, it is very important that you use precisely the same file and folder names as I write them. This is because later in the book all the exercises will be linked together in a larger site, and among other things that is done by using the file names.

    Find NoteTab

    The first task is to retrieve the HTML editor NoteTab.

    1.   Look at the home page for this book (on the address in your browser.

    2.   One the first page you find the link
    Get NoteTab Light. Click on it:

    3.   That brings you to a new page where you can retrieve the program wither in full version for $20 or the free version that I have had made. Start with that, so click on the link Download NoteTab Light:

    4.   That starts a transfer of the installation file to your pc. First select the file on your hard disk. Select Save like here:

    5.   The next dialog box reads Save As, and here you need to choose the folder Download:

    6.   Then click the Save button, and the transfer starts.

    7.   When the transfer is completed you can chose to open the file right away by clicking Open:

    8.   Now the installation of NoteTab Light starts. That sends you through a lot of screen images, the first of which says welcome to NoteTab. Click on the Next button:

    9.   Then click twice on the Next button.

    10. Then you can see in which folder the program will be installed:

    11. That is quite OK, so click on Next again, and then twice more. Finally click on the Close button.

    12. Now the program is installed. The last you see is a small window with a shortcut icon to NoteTab Light:

    Figure 12. The freeware program NoteTab Light is installed.

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